On Instagram, you cannot directly monetize your content like YouTube and Adsense. Instagram and its parent company Facebook never reward you for the content you posted, though it doesn’t mean it’s not worth posting. Facebook spends a lot to improve its products and bring new features.

How to make Money from Spark AR
How to make Money with Spark AR

Influencers on Instagram never get paid by Facebook(Meta) directly, they earn through Sponsored posts. The influencers promote the client’s product and in return, they demand a certain amount from the client. Instagram influencers are highly dependent on sponsored posts and promoted content.

Like the same, Instagram never pays you for the filters you published, you have to find a way to squeeze the profit. There are certain ways to make money by creating AR filters, and we’ll explain them briefly.

How to make money from Spark AR

The Instagram filters are made using Spark AR, it is developed by Facebook and it’s free to use and publish. There are many different ways to earn money from Spark AR, continue reading to know.

Creating Instagram filter for Influencers

Publishing filters help in gaining followers. The publisher’s info and a link to his account will be given below, which will redirect the traffic to the publisher’s account, and influencers use this strategy to increase followers.

Many influencers want to publish their own filter, but most of them won’t have the skills and time to do it, instead, they hire a freelancer to get it done. And on Fiverr, the average amount to create an Instagram filter is around $50-$100. So you can create your own Gig and get the chance to earn from Spark AR.

Creating AR Filter for Brands

The Spark AR is not only limited to crazy filters, it is also used by big brands for marketing. In the Instagram Marketplace / Instagram Shopping, the AR is used to try the product before buying. For example, if you head up to the RayBan Instagram page, you will see an option called “Try with camera” on the photos which will let you try the Glasses on your face using Augmented Reality.

This is an effective way to sell a product, and not only the big brands, but also the small brands use this strategy to increase user engagement. With the help of AR, you can try products before purchasing, such as Clothes, Glasses, Cosmetics, Watches, Bags, and more.

Most of the small brands outsource this task to freelancers to get it done, and you can charge up to $100-$150 per project.

These were some of the popular ways to make active income by using Spark AR. You can earn enough money from Spark AR by doing it part-time as well.

How to make Passive Income with Spark AR

The above-mentioned methods were to make money from Spark AR by working for the client, and you will get paid only when you work actively, but there are other methods as well which you can follow to create a passive income source.

Creating courses and Tutorials

Pitching brands for doing their job is a good way to earn money from Spark AR, but if you mastered Spark AR, then you can create an in-depth course and publish it on any learning platform. Spark AR is new to the industry, and there are very few courses and tutorials on the internet, so it would be a great idea to create your own.

It is a one-time investment of your time and effort, later you can sit back and relax, and every time you’ll get paid when the people buy your course.

Also, you can publish simple tutorials on YouTube, and it’s also a great way to of making Passive Income with Spart AR.

Selling 3D assets for AR

If you are good at 3D modeling, then selling 3D assets for Spark AR can be a good passive income source. You can find 3D models everywhere, but the Spark AR needs to have low poly or highly optimized 3D assets which are also used in Games. So, if you are capable of doing it, then there’s a good opportunity to create a passive income source.

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